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E97: Beating Stage IV Cancer & Fit for Any Battle Program with Richard Bagdonas

On today’s episode of American gypC Podcast, we’re talking to Richard Bagdonas about beating stage IV cancer and his fitness program that helped. When bodybuilder Richard Bagdonas was diagnosed with cancer at the age of forty-five, he set out to design a new fitness regimen to help him fight that battle. One that would keep…

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E73: Creative Journey and Dealing with Parkinson’s Disease with Dan McCrory

On today’s episode of American gypC Podcast, we’re talking to Dan McCrory about his books and dealing with Parkinson’s Disease. Dan McCrory has been writing in just about every field imaginable from the age of 11. His nonfiction book Capitalism Killed the Middle Class: 25 Ways the System is Rigged Against You, published last year,…

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E57: Use Septemics to Improve Your Life with Jim Marshall

On today’s episode of American gypC Podcast we’re talking about how to improve your life using Septemics with Jim Marshall. Jim Marshall is a polymathic scholar and autodidact who has has devoted over 50,000 hours to the study and practice of multiple dimensions of human development. He received a classical education as an honor student…

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