Sound Healing

E76: Sound Healing Therapy and Holistic Wellness with Mayara Souza

On today’s episode American gypC Podcast, we’re talking to Mayara Souza about the benefits of sound healing therapy and holistic wellness. Mayara is a sound therapist and holistic wellness practitioner. She uses acoustic sound, simple spiritual practices, and easy science-based techniques to help her clients release emotional blocks that might be creating static in their…

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E50: Creative Process, Meditation and Sound Therapy with Matt Gardiner

On today’s episode of American gypC Podcast we are talking to Matt Gardiner about the importance of Creativity, Meditation and Sound Therapy. Matt Gardiner is a Recovery Coach, Life Coach & Sound Therapist with a passion for helping people rediscover who they truly are. Matt helps identify where you are on your own ‘Hero’s Journey’…

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E43: Music Journey, Creative Process & Effects of Social Media on Society

On today’s episode of American gypC Podcast we are talking to Eddie Cohn about his music and creative process. Eddie is a musician, DJ, podcaster, yoga teacher and author. Eddie is also the host of The Downward Facing Spiritual Spiral, a podcast that brings awareness to the negative effect of social media and inspire others…

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