E77: Crypto, Shib The Metaverse and Travel with Merc

On today’s episode of American gypC Podcast, we’re talking to Merc about Crypto, Shib The Metaverse, and Living Abroad. This episode was recorded when Shib The Metaverse information was first released. We break down some of the information for the metaverse and the Shiba Inu ecosystem. If you’re not familiar with Shiba Inu it’s a coin that recently came into existence and is termed “Dog coin” or “Meme Coin” but here on the show, we love Shiba. It actually has a lot of utility that Doge doesn’t. For example the Shiba Swap, Metaverse, NFT Collection, and an amazing community all within a year. The price went up an astronomical amount within the last year and already made plenty of millionaires when it deleted some zeros. When we first got into Shiba it had 5 zeros in front of it and now it has 4 zeros and everyone is waiting for the .01 or .1 mark which would be life-changing for a lot of people, now that would be the biggest wealth transfer. We invest and believe in a lot of other coins and tokens but Shiba Inu is definitely one of our favorites. If you’re interested in crypto and blockchains we have several episodes where we and other experts break down the terminologies and concepts in a digestible manner. The Youtube channel has it in a playlist.

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