E99: Creating a Successful eLearning Program with Hector Simoudis

On today’s episode of American gypC Podcast, we’re talking to Hector Simoudis about how to create a successful eLearning Program. Hector is the Co-founder of eLearning Partners, a company specializing in developing eLearning programs and online courses for small to mid-sized organizations.

Hector, a well-traveled Greek born and raised in the Middle East, experienced a melting pot of cultures from an early age. He considers himself lucky to be exposed to so many different lifestyles, religions and walks of life.

These experiences made him who he is today – a connector who values meaningful relationships above all.

As a Co-Founder of eLearning Partners, a company specializing in creating custom micro-learning curriculums, Hector’s number one focus is building long-lasting relationships with clients and partners.

Hector is a life-long learner, who struggled with dyslexia growing up, which ignited his dedication and empathy for learners, especially learners challenged with learning differences.

This contributes to his laser focus on the quality and delivery of the micro-learning content eLearning Partners produces.

He prides himself in helping companies to improve emotional engagement with their employees, therefore, increasing employee retention and productivity.

Guest Link:
eLearning Partners Website: https://www.e-learningpartners.com/
Free MasterClass: https://www.e-learningpartners.com/masterclass
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0NHBL0rP9dqSbnCGOp6_ng
Hector’s LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hectorsimoudis/
Kajabi Affiliate Link: https://bit.ly/ep-kajabi

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