EP16: Jesus Campa on Leading Through Adversity

On today’s episode of American gypC Podcast we are talking to Jesus “Eddie” Campa about leadership development and leading through adversity. Jesus is the CEO & Founder of Leading Through Adversity LLC and Owner/CEO of AB Strategic Security Group LLC. After 27 years of service as a public servant in the law enforcement field, most recently serving as the Executive Director for the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training for the State of Oklahoma, he retired for the second time from the field of Law Enforcement at the age of 48.  

He first retired in 2014 from the El Paso County Sheriffs Office as the Chief Deputy after a successful 20-year career. He then served as the Chief of Police for the Ector County Independent School District in Odessa, Texas, for a short time. He then went on to serve as the Chief of Police for the City of Marshall, Texas.  

His three years as Chief of Police in a city impacted by racial divisions led him to create and implement the innovative No Colors No Labels Initiative designed to remove the preconceived notion that the Police were racially motivated. NCNL provided a safe community for all citizens. In 2017 he was named Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian of the Year by the NAACP. 

He is also a public speaker, keynote speaker, and creator of the El Paso County Anti Bullying Coalition and the No Colors No Labels.  He is a recognized nationally and internationally expert on leadership and a recognized national and international security expert. He hold a master’s degree in Criminal Justice and Security Administration and currently working on a PH.D. in Public Service Leadership.

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