EP20: Evolve Your Thinking to Solve Your Biggest Challenges with Fletcher Ellingson

On Today’s episode of American gypC Podcast we had the pleasure of talking to Fletcher Ellingson. Fletcher Ellingson is a speaker, coach, and founder of The Practice of Feeling Good in Business and Life, a coaching and training company. Fletcher helps people evolve their thinking in order to solve their biggest challenges around time, money and people allowing them to powerfully fulfill their mission.

In addition to over 25 years of speaking, coaching, and performing for audiences across the United States, he and his wife Amy, host a weekly television show during which they address topics of health, wealth, and relationships. Having gone through losing a business to building a multi-million dollar business and having worked with a wide variety of organizations he is able to help shift a company’s collective thinking. The result is the ability to expeditiously close operational and visionary gaps allowing new levels of productivity and culture.

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