EP25: Plant-based lifestyle and Whole Life Goals Platform with Anthony Cotter

On today’s episode of American gypC Podcast we’re talking to Anthony Cotter about healthy lifestyle and about his platform. Anthony is the creator of Whole Life Goals, a platform which matches peoples health, wealth, and wellness goals to certified professionals who can help them achieve their goals.

Anthony Cotter’s health-conscious mother and party-friendly father raised him and his older brother in Queens, New York. She taught her boys yoga, meditation and raised Anthony vegetarian from birth. His mother and father divorced when Anthony was five, and he and brother lived with an abusive stepfather for the next few years. After his mother’s passing on Christmas Eve, Anthony and his brother moved in with their drug-addicted father. His brother would wind-up in Rikers Island, later diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

Anthony left home and lived on the streets for years, bouncing around from couch, to park bench, to rooftops and living in a wooden shed during winter months. At seventeen, he moved into his first apartment in South Ozone Park, and found himself in the world alone, battling addictions and poverty. Anthony was around twenty when he was given a book called “A Diet for A New America,” by John Robins. He decided to remove all animal products from his life and started to become mindful of what he consumed. He acquired a high school equivalency diploma and went on to study nutrition in Brooklyn College. He left college and went to the Culinary Arts Institute to learn more about raw food techniques and vegan cooking.

With his partner, he moved from Brooklyn to San Francisco and opened InBloom Foods; a raw food catering company. He taught meditation and yoga throughout the juvenile hall systems with the nonprofit group Mind Body Awareness Project. Eventually, Anthony and his partner moved back east to work in finance, opened a yoga studio, had their first child. Today he lives in the Green Mountains of Vermont with his two children. He is most fulfilled when speaking about health and wellness, sharing stories, products, books, music, documentaries and connecting great people together. Throughout his life he always sought guidance from elders, gurus, and mentors who taught him how to create a better life, and to always follow a worthy ideal. Anthony’s health and wellness success simply comes from focusing on his Movement, Meals, Mind & Money philosophy.

Out of this philosophy, Whole Life Goals was created.

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