S3 E4 – Adapting to new environments and climbing the corporate ladder with Mickias Solomon

On today’s episode, we had the pleasure of talking to Mickias (Mickey) Solomon about the dynamics of adapting to life in Ethiopia and American as well as what it takes to climb the corporate ladder. As a young kid, Mickey moved to Ethiopia and had to adjust to a new environment and language. Later on in his life, he had to integrate back into America. Life in Ethiopia and America differ significantly, as Mickey emphasizes in the episode. Everything from etiquette to the way the financial system is set up. This can be challenging for most people but what I find interesting is how Mickey was able to harness the best of both worlds to help him advance in the financial industry.

Mickias Solomon is a Vice President within the Finance & Business Management line of business at JP Morgan Chase & Co. Prior to his current role, he worked in Global Transaction Banking Strategy & Business Management as well as Transaction Banking Sales at MUFG Union Bank. One of the things he pointed out in the podcast was the importance of networking and how that helped him transition from service industry to finance and banking.

Mickey also has a passion for FinTech so we touched on a few emerging technologies like blockchain and integration of that in finance.

You can find out more about Mickey here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mickias-solomon/

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