S3 E5 – World of Chemistry, Groundbreaking Research & Kids Book Series with Dr. Donald White

On today’s episode, we had an inspiring conversation with Dr. Donald White about chemistry, his research and latest kids book series. Dr. White earned his bachelor’s and Masters’ in Chemistry and his PhD in Material Science & Engineering from the historic Tuskegee University. As a Tri-Alumnus, his research includes the synthesis, derivation, and incorporation of Nanocellulose into synthetic polymers. While a graduate at Tuskegee he was a part of one of the largest multidisciplinary consortia funded by The National Science Foundation: The Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology (CSN). While in The Center he was able to collaborate with researchers from Johns Hopkins, Wisconsin, and Minnesota Universities. His research has resulted in one publication: Impact of Silanization on the Structure, Dispersion Properties, and Biodegradability of Nanocellulose as a Nanocomposite Filler; one awarded patent (Nanocellulosic Compositions Patent No. 11,084,907), and one pending patent: Carbon Sequestration of Ambient CO2 via Nanocellulosic Material.

These green technologies have landed Dr. White a host of awards including: Emerging Research Nationals (Nano-Science Division), Alabama Academy of Science (Chemistry Division), and Joint Annual Research Symposium(Chemistry Division). Also including, a nomination to the MIT-Lemelson’s Inventors Award.

Dr. White’s passion in research has led him into his mission of STEM education. He is the author of the interactive book series You’re A Chemist Too!” Under the trade name DaChemist, he goes into the public-school system to educate kids in middle and high schools of the importance of chemical research.

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