S4 E8 – Carmen Theobald on Trauma Recovery & Leadership skills with some Horse Sense

On today’s episode, we’re discussing trauma recovery and healing with some horse sense. Carmen Theobald is the Founder and Director of Horse Sense North, offering personal growth, leadership & team development, and trauma recovery with some “Horse Sense”. Adding some Horse Sense allows people to develop more clarity, connection, and courage in every aspect of life, and step into healthy leadership for self and others. All programs are offered with polyvagal informed principles, and they have a particular focus on mental health & wellness services for first responders, public safety personnel and/or military.

Carmen’s coaching, facilitation and speaking combine her experience working with thousands of horses, her own Post Traumatic Growth, and a determination to make a difference in this fractured world. She has worked with hundreds of individuals, teams and organizations, helping them get unstuck, embodied, and intuitively empowered.

Carmen and her two- and four-legged herd live on a scenic farm in Almaguin, Ontario, where all team members are committed to creating a protected, inclusive, and trauma-informed space.

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