S3 EP6 – Running a Mineral Wholesale Business and Adapting to Trends with Chris Petrocelli

On today’s episode, we are talking to Chris Petrocelli, CEO of From The Mines about the mineral business, adapting to shift in trends, what it takes to survive in the industry and much more. From the Mines is an international wholesale distribution company for crystals and minerals. They hold mining contracts in many countries and…

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S3 E5 – World of Chemistry, Groundbreaking Research & Kids Book Series with Dr. Donald White

On today’s episode, we had an inspiring conversation with Dr. Donald White about chemistry, his research and latest kids book series. Dr. White earned his bachelor’s and Masters’ in Chemistry and his PhD in Material Science & Engineering from the historic Tuskegee University. As a Tri-Alumnus, his research includes the synthesis, derivation, and incorporation of…

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