E42: BlaQue Crypto, Metaverse, CBDC, NFT & ADA in Ethiopia with Antonio Ladson

On today’s episode of American gypC Podcast we are talking all about Blockchain, Crypto and NFT with Antonio Ladson. Antonio is a retired Retired Law Enforcement Specialist and the CEO of BlaQue Crypto, an online learning platform for crypto and blockchain technology. He is also the Author of Brandy & Jacob Crypto Adventure which is…

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E41: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & NFT with Colin C. Thompson

On Today’s episode of American gypC Podcast Colin Thompson is educating us Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and NFT. Colin Thompson is the Co-Founder of XChainZ Inc., an online education platform that is backed by blockchain and powered by our own cryptocurrency coin (XCZ). Colin is a blockchain expert and holds several certifications including Certified Blockchain Expert, IBM…

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E29: Crypto, Web3 Development and Music with John Wingate

On today’s episode of American gypC Podcast we are talking to John Wingate about Crypto, Web3 Development and Music. John is the CEO of BankSocial.io, an advanced FinTech ecosystem that allows people to do instant transactions, transfer globally and perform instant withdrawals in local currency. It’s a blockchain based infrastructure doesn’t even need internet connection…

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