Podcast Production Service in DTLA

Record at our studio or we can travel to you

Our in-house setup seats up to 4 people with individual mics and headphones.

About Us

American gypC is a podcast production network based in DTLA that provides podcast production services along with many other services. Our goal is to cater to beginner podcasters as well as professional level podcasters. Our in-house setup seats up to four people with individual mics and headphones and we also offer mobile podcast services where we come to your location with equipment. Our podcast production service is set up to allow the client to walk in, sit down, record their podcast and walk away with the raw audio of their podcast as a part of our basic in-house podcast recording service. An in-house mixing engineer will also be provided to operate the Rodecaster Pro mixing board during the podcast recording. We are setup as a one-stop-shop so once you're done recording we can help you with the rest of the process including production for your podcast, custom jingle, create your logo, take pictures, create social promo and create a website for your audience. Amenities such as coffee, tea, purified water, and snacks are included with each two hour session that is booked.

The basic podcast recording fee starts at $50 per hour for basic audio recording of podcast session at our in-house location.

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