American gypC podcast (AgP) is an educational podcast with the goal of enlightening our listeners on a wide range of topics. The most common themes we cover are Personal Development, Entrepreneurship, Cryptocurrency, Spirituality, Travel, and Health. We have guests from all around the world and release episodes 3-6 days a week. American gypC Podcast is a network, not just a podcast.

S3 EP6 – Running a Mineral Wholesale Business and Adapting to Trends with Chris Petrocelli

On today’s episode, we are talking to Chris Petrocelli, CEO of From The Mines about the mineral business, adapting to shift in trends, what it takes to survive in the industry and much more....

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S3 E5 – World of Chemistry, Groundbreaking Research & Kids Book Series with Dr. Donald White

On today’s episode, we had an inspiring conversation with Dr. Donald White about chemistry, his research and latest kids book series. Dr. White earned his bachelor’s and Masters’ in Chemistry and his PhD in...

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S3 E4 – Adapting to new environments and climbing the corporate ladder with Mickias Solomon

On today’s episode, we had the pleasure of talking to Mickias (Mickey) Solomon about the dynamics of adapting to life in Ethiopia and American as well as what it takes to climb the corporate...

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S3 EP3 – Self Care, Cryotherapy, New Year Goals With Merc

On today’s episode of American gypC Podcast, we’re discussing radical self-care, Cryotherapy, and new year goals. As you know we love talking about health and wellness on this Podcast and New Years is usually...

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Meet the Hosts


Luam Fessehazion, also known as gypC, is a software engineer with over 15 years of experience in the technology industry. gypC also has a passion for marketing, which she combines with her technical ability to develop new ways to promote the show, like establishing and maintaining a website, creating social media promotions, and managing SEO, among other things.

Klaccik Carpenta

Lee Cohran and Luam Fessehazion are a married couple who go by the names Klaccik and gypC on the podcast. Lee Cohran, also known as Klaccik Carpenta, has a background in music as a cellist, producer, singer, and songwriter. He brings his years of performing, recording, and editing experience to the podcast industry.

Podcast Reviews

Klassik and gypC are definitely keeping it real in this podcast. It is a pleasure to listen to and see all the different ways that people are pursuing self improvement. It's always a conversation that is enlightening and thought provoking!
Jennifer Peavey
Designer & Author
You two are so relatable. I love the flow of your podcast. And I really enjoy your personalities and the way you are so great with every guest you have on. Everyone should listen to your podcast!
Kim Sorrelle
These worldly hosts cover an array of topics that makes you want to download them all and listen to them one after the other! If you aren’t already listening, definitely check them out!
NYC Traveler 2022
World Traveler

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Klaccik Carpenta is a cellist, music producer, singer, songwriter from Mississippi. You can find his music on all major platforms. 

American gypC Soundtrack Vol. 1 and New Single “Girl Hurry Up” are also available on all major platforms. 

Short Clips

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