S3 EP2 – Iron Wars 7, Fitness Journey & Marriage with Michael & Kymberly

On today’s episode of American gypC Podcast, we’re talking to Michael & Kymberly about Iron Wars 7, their fitness journey, weight loss surgery, and keeping a happy marriage. Micheal & Kym Nichole host Somethin’...

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S3 EP 1 – Personal Development, Mental Health, and Meditation with Akello Stone

Welcome back to Season 3! In this episode, we had an insightful conversation with Akello Stone about personal development, mental health, and meditation. Akello is a return guest and you can check him out...

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E99: Creating a Successful eLearning Program with Hector Simoudis

On today’s episode of American gypC Podcast, we’re talking to Hector Simoudis about how to create a successful eLearning Program. Hector is the Co-founder of eLearning Partners, a company specializing in developing eLearning programs...

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E98: Fundamentals of a Healthy Lifestyle with Vineet Nair MD

On today’s episode of American gypC Podcast, we’re talking to Dr. Vineet Nair about the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Vineet Nair is a family physician, owner of The Core Family Health Centre,...

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Podcast Reviews

Klassik and gypC are definitely keeping it real in this podcast. It is a pleasure to listen to and see all the different ways that people are pursuing self improvement. It's always a conversation that is enlightening and thought provoking!
Jennifer Peavey
Designer & Author
You two are so relatable. I love the flow of your podcast. And I really enjoy your personalities and the way you are so great with every guest you have on. Everyone should listen to your podcast!
Kim Sorrelle
These worldly hosts cover an array of topics that makes you want to download them all and listen to them one after the other! If you aren’t already listening, definitely check them out!
NYC Traveler 2022
World Traveler

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