S4 E5 – Enhancing relationships through attachment theory with Thomas Westenholtz

On today’s episode we’re discussing attachment theory and how that plays into our relationship and communication styles. Thomas Westenholz is an author, couples therapist specializing in attachment theory, and facilitator in psychedelics, breathwork, and ecstatic dance. With a rich background in enhancing mental health and relationships through these diverse modalities.

More about Thomas:
My own story with attachment and psychedelics started with my son’s remarkable journey, which defies the odds and embodies resilience. Born with a life-limiting condition, his survival spurred a quest for innovative solutions. Through pioneering research and unwavering determination, we challenged medical norms, ultimately saving his life. His story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the boundless potential of human innovation.

My expertise bridges the gap between traditional therapy and alternative healing practices, focusing on how psychedelics can play a transformative role in personal growth and relationship dynamics.


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