E33: Skydiving, Aviation and Leaping forward to your goals with Scott Harris

On today’s podcast we’re talking to Scott K Harris about his aviation and skydiving journey. Scott Harris is a well-known parachutist, veteran, businessman, and motivational speaker. From a young age, Scott had an interest in flying, which led him taking up an interest in skydiving later in life. He was able to fulfill his dreams of flying airplanes and skydiving by joining the army. Later, Scott realized that he also had a knack for polo and property management, which allowed him to dive into the real estate business.

He uses his personal journey to create an exceptional storytelling experience to motivate others to pursue their goals. He utilizes the skills he has learned from his time in the army and property management to help entrepreneurs, and those from the corporate world, face their biggest fears.

Scott Harris wrote “Leap Forward” with only one thing in mind—to help aspiring entrepreneurs and corporate individuals of all ages find the motivation to fulfill their dreams. In his book, he focuses on the importance of stepping out of one’s “comfort zone” and leaping forward to take risks. He firmly believes that without adventures, challenges, and fears, life would be meaningless. He coaches individuals on how to face each and every obstacle in their path to success, and learn to tackle the fears they have. His book focuses on his own journey in life, the challenges he faced, how he overcame them, and finally found inner happiness.

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