EP19: Shaun “SF” Banks on Working with Youth Development

On today’s episode of American gypC Podcast we had the pleasure of talking to Shaun Banks. Shaun is the creator of I AM Defense institute. I AM Defense shows women and children how to protect themselves from attackers. Since that time, I have committed my life to the personal development of youth.

He is also the creator of Camp Warrior King, which helps thousands of youth in the metro Atlanta area gain exposure to Amazingly-fun activities. I am the founder of “You Can Have IT ALL!” Youth conferences. This conference did its first international event in Uganda, East Africa before the COVID pandemic hit. I have recently launched “You Can Have It ALL!” Youth motivational Development Magazine. The only motivational magazine for kids of its kind in the world.

He is the developer creator of Team HoTT SAWCE. THS are cartoon characters that teach children how to believe in themselves using fundamental personal development principles.

He is the author of 3 books: Persevere Overcome Win, Raising Extraordinary Kids, and Be Unstoppable Living Life. A portion of all proceeds from the businesses maintains the “You Can Have IT All!” orphanage in Bombo, Uganda, where we currently support over 30 children with shelter, food, and school supplies.

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